Bulldog Being Lowered Into Bath

Can you use human shampoo on dogs?

There has been much discussion on the suitability of using human shampoo to wash your pet pooch. While human shampoo will clean your dog, and they will smell good too, it is not recommended. It is all about understanding the difference between the PH balance of human skin and that of your pet pooch.

Human shampoo vs dog shampoo

As humans, our skin has an acidic mantle and our PH balance is less alkaline than dogs. Shampoos for humans, as well as other personal cleansing products, have been developed to handle this acidity. Dogs have an acid mantle and PH balance that is far more alkaline, which means that human shampoo is far too acidic to keep the PH balance in your dog’s skin regulated. If human shampoo is used, it will leave your dog’s coat looking smooth and soft, so you might be lulled into thinking it’s doing a great job. But in reality, the result is superficial.

Every time you bathe your pet pooch in human shampoo, your dog’s skin is getting damaged. It is very different from human skin, and the shampoo will dry out your pet’s skin and strip out the protective oils he needs to keep him healthy and happy. The majority of human shampoos are also highly scented, which can exacerbate the problem as many of them contain citrus oils which is something your dog will not like. They are stringent and not kind to the eyes or your dog’s sensitive ears. As such, human shampoos are not recommended as a safe option for your dog.

What are the benefits of using dog shampoo?

Dog shampoo has been developed to keep your dog’s coat and skin in perfect condition. Every time you wash your dog, his coat will look healthy, shiny and smooth. Herbal Dog Shampoo is safe, contains non-toxic ingredients and smells fabulous, but most importantly, it won’t harm your dog’s skin. It’s also easier to apply than human shampoo because it lathers up quickly, so you can get your pet pooch washed with a minimum of fuss.

The Herbal Co range is tailor-made for dogs, cleaning and conditioning your dog’s coat and skin. They also help dogs with sensitive skin and other conditions.


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