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Can herbal treatments help dogs with skin allergies?

Many dog owners know that some of the most difficult things their canine friend can suffer from are allergies. This is because allergies, for the most part, are not conditions that simply go away on their own. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t help your furry friend. In fact, there are many options that effectively counter these unwanted reactions.

Understanding allergies experienced by dogs

Our most common area for experiencing allergies is our respiratory track, with pollen and dander causing a host of unpleasant symptoms, like watery eyes, breathing difficulties and coughing and sneezing. While dogs can also suffer from respiratory allergies, their primary way of experiencing allergies is through their skin. This will typically manifest as itchiness but can lead to welts or worse in more acute allergic reactions.

As with our allergies, those suffered by dogs vary in severity. While some dogs may simply scratch more often over spring when pollen counts are high, others will itch all year, potentially resulting in dangerous skin infections if untreated.

Help on hand from herbal treatments

If you’d rather avoid a chemical-based approach to solving your dog’s symptoms, you’ll find a host of herbal treatments readily available. Kind to the environment as well as your pet, these cleverly-devised solutions include natural ingredients that are tried and tested to offer efficient relief.

To ease itchiness in the skin, a specially formulated herbal dog shampoo can be ideal. Easy to apply at bath time, these shampoos typically include chamomile and wild sage, which have inherent calming properties and will soothe any itching swiftly. Natural shampoos may feature a lavender fragrance. The flowering plant’s scent is strong enough to dispel unwanted odours and it can have a soothing impact on allergic dogs. Suited for sensitive skin, such shampoos can be used not only on mature dogs but puppies as well.

Allergies and incessant scratching can cause dogs considerable stress, but herbal treatments are also on hand that can help their mental wellbeing. With potent ingredients like Valerian Root and Skullcap, these mixes can be added to food or served in plain yoghurt and deliver relief.

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