How To Clean A Puppy With Out Water

You’ve finally welcomed your bouncy, bundled of joy home – and your family is finally complete! Within the first hour though, there’s been a few piddles, a nose dipped in dinner and a torn-up toilet roll. Puppy’s first bath isn’t something you’re willing to tackle on the first night. What’s to do? Follow our quick tricks on how to clean your puppy without water, but by using puppy dry shampoo instead.

Step 1: Choose your puppy dry shampoo

First up! Start off by picking a puppy dry shampoo for your new best friend. There’s powders, gels, and sprays to choose from – but personally, we like to use natural puppy shampoo in spray bottles. Traditionally puppy shampoos can smell a little bit like chemicals, or like a vet’s waiting room. Nowadays, you can buy puppy dry shampoo in yummy scents like mint, coconut, and Parma Violet. These inedible scents will leave you wanting to spritz some in your own hair.

Step 2: Apply the puppy dry shampoo

Now you’re onto the easy bit. Spritz your puppy dry shampoo liberally over your dog’s hair, making sure to pat a towel over any leftover residue. The best thing about dry shampoo? You don’t have to cover the whole coat if there’s only a small messy or smelly patch!

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