French Bulldogs Running In Park

Bulldogs are Beautiful Day

Hey dog mamas and papas!

We are so excited because on the 21st of April it’s…

Bulldogs are Beautiful Day!

Did you know that not one… but TWO sexy little wrinkle faces regularly hang out at Herbal Dog Co. HQ.

Whilst we love all floofbutts, great and small, there’s a special place in everyone’s heart for a wrinkly old bulldog. Awh yes! (if you know, you know).

To celebrate our gravity-challenged friends, here’s some facts you might not know about these hairy hounds…

  • Bulldogs were recognised by The Kennel Club waaaaaay back in 1873!
  • Bulldogs are brachycephalic… yeah, basically they fart A LOT
  • Bulldogs are like snowflakes… no two bulldogs have the same markings
  • Some of our best-loved celebs love those wrinkles too! Including Jessica Biel, Lewis Hamilton, Chrissy Teigen, Reese Witherspoon, Brad Pitt, and the Beckhams!

Another lesser-known fact is that these robust babies actually have very sensitive skin! In between their wrinkles needs a little extra TLC!

Like their Shar-pei and Mastiff buddies, their coats need gentle but thorough cleansing to remove anything that might build up in their folds.

That’s why we’ve developed our chemical-free Wrinkle Wash! Scented with Rose and infused with essential oils, this botanical bubble bath will keep your pooch perfectly preened and pleasant smelling!

And if you’re feeling charitable, check out our Bulldog Bubbles wash, in collaboration with Geordie Bullies Springboard – rescuing bulldogs and finding them forever homes.

So today we say THANK YOU BULLDOGS!

We love you! Farts ‘n’ all!

Team HDC


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