Should I give my senior dog supplements?

Just like us, as dogs get older, parts of their bodies may need additional support to function smoothly. While if your dog is exhibiting pain or physical discomfort, a professional vet should be consulted, all-natural supplements can improve both their health and wellbeing. As part of a well-balanced and nutritious diet, these supplements can assist with a wide range of issues experienced by senior dogs. Read on to find out more.

Easing joints

Senior dogs may experience mobility issues in later life, and herbal remedies can help. These natural tonics can ease joint stiffness and pain, making morning walks easier and putting a spring back in their step.

Soothing upset stomachs

As they age, a dog’s inner workings might not operate as smoothly as when they were younger. Supplements to promote gut health are infused with probiotics to assist digestion. This can improve appetite as well as enjoyment of meals and avoid unwanted tummy complaints.

Bolstering immunity

A robust immune system is key to keeping your senior dog healthy. Whether you want to strengthen their system or help them recover during a period of convalescence, these supplements can be a perfect choice. If you need to change your dog’s food or they’re feeling under the weather, power blends like our Herbacare Immune can be added to their dinner or included in a spoon of yoghurt as a treat.

Natural dog supplements

If you’re seeking to supplement your older dog’s diet with ingredients that will help their mobility, digestion, immune system or simply enhance their overall wellbeing, going natural is always advised. At Herbal Dog Co, we’ve developed a range of powerful and rapid-acting natural remedies that are suitable for dogs of all ages from puppies to seniors.

Using blends made from a wide variety of naturally sourced ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, flaxseed, milk thistle, Apium seed Valerian root, Star Anise and wild celery and many others, we provide chemical-free supplements that can support your canine pal’s health in later life.


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