What is the best joint care supplement for dogs?

Joint care is super important for all dogs, but particularly when they start to get a little older. They might need a little extra support to keep them happy, healthy and as mobile as possible. There are lots of ways in which a joint care supplement can help, but it’s important that it contains the highest quality ingredients and isn’t packed with artificial colours or nasty chemical preservatives.

What causes joint pain in dogs?

Just like humans, as dogs age, they may start to feel stiffness – particularly in the morning, and be more lethargic when it comes to walks. It can be sad to see your once joyful puppy slow down with age. A lot of this can come down to joints being worn down over time, and inflammation causing soreness and stiffness.

Natural joint supplements

There are lots of natural herbs that have powerful properties that make them ideal for an all-natural joint supplement. We recommend herbs like sage, apium seed and wild celery. Milk thistle has been used for many years as a health supplement for dogs, as it is thought to help liver function and may have other beneficial properties.

Organic cider vinegar has been used by a lot of people as a health supplement, for them as well as their dogs! It has been prized for many years for its powerful natural restorative properties, and it’s thought that anti-inflammatory qualities might help to support your dog’s ligaments, tendons and joints. That’s why Herbal Dog Co. has carefully formulated a series of joint care supplements and tonics that carefully balance the powerful natural properties of these natural, herbal essences to produce a well-rounded joint care supplement. The best bit is, it’s easy to include these supplements into your dog’s food, to give them the health boost they need without them even noticing!

Remember that joint care supplements are a dietary supplement to support your dog’s natural nutrition; they aren’t intended as a medical treatment for any medical condition, and you should always take your pet to the vet if you suspect they may have joint pain, lameness or other condition that might require active treatment.

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