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Can you develop dog allergies later in life?

Many parents are constantly looking for ways to manage childhood allergies, including finding what triggers their son or daughter’s asthma, eczema or food sensitivities.

What can come as a shock to many adults is when they start to show symptoms of an allergic reaction!

Particularly when they find themselves with skin or respiratory problems from close contact with a family pet, or you could find that someone who starts to visit your home regularly – and who plays with your four-legged friend – reports strange new medical issues. Despite the fact they didn’t know they were allergic to animals!

This can lead to the question, can you develop dog allergies later in life?

Only kids get new allergies, right?

Allergic reactions can start at any age, often appearing without warning.

However, some things can happen that increase your sensitivity to allergies. For example, a health issue that impacts your immune system in general. One in five children has an allergy of some kind, though many grow out of it. In some cases, childhood sensitivity comes back.

Common adult allergies

New allergic reactions in adults are often some sort of ‘hayfever’, when various plant allergens spike, causing sneezing, sore eyes or a runny nose. Also, your body can suddenly start to have an adverse reaction to certain foods, such as an adult-acquired allergy to peanuts or shellfish.

Prolonged exposure to your dog can also result in you developing an allergy over time.

Coping with a new dog allergy

The good news is that though you can develop dog allergies later in life, this is rarely a life-threatening situation. There are natural products and steps you can use to manage the issue.

One of the first things to consider is the likely source of your new sensitivity to your dog.

It could be pet dander and fur floating around the atmosphere, in which case regular use of pure and natural dog grooming products is advisable, as well as thorough housecleaning!

Those pesky fleas on pets can be a problem for humans, too, so you certainly need to invest in the best dog shampoo and other products to tackle infestations.

Perhaps the natural odour of your dog and the smells it picks up from ‘walkies’ are what’s making your eyes water or your nose itch? You can use safe and effective sprays to make your dog’s fur more aromatic and easier on your respiratory system.

All good ideas, not to be sneezed at!

If you’re searching for high-quality dog grooming products to help minimise your new allergies, then the Herbal Dog Co. is here to help. We stock a range of specialist natural dog shampoos and more, keeping your pet clean and smelling fresh.

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