Help For Dog Allergies

Looking for help for dog allergies?

This time of year can cause us humans a lot of bother when we’re around pollen and grass, and our dogs can sometimes be affected too. With their curious nature and desire to be outdoors as much as possible, sometimes this time of year can cause them discomfort if they suffer from seasonal allergies. If you want to find an alternative way to treat your dog with their allergies, we have the perfect solution.

At Herbal Dog Co Ltd we offer a range of natural products that help to support rather than supress.

The Seasonal Soother Support is a great tool to have in your cupboard for this time of year, and can make the world of difference to your dog’s allergies.

This powerful blend is suitable for environmental and seasonal wellbeing and is made from raw milk thistle, flax seed, brewers yeast, pre & probiotics, enzymes and wild sage. Just add this soothing mix to your dogs regular feed or a spoonful of yoghurt and you’ll be able to naturally support them whilst they battle allergies.

To shop our full range of natural dog supplements, shop via condition today.


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