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Can you use baby shampoo on dogs?

You may have heard that shampoo developed for humans can cause considerable harm to your canine companion. Inciting itching and scratching, it can also leave them wide open to dangerous infections and viruses, but can the same be said for baby shampoo? While you might think that a shampoo suited to the sensitive skin of babies will be alright for your dog, you’d be entirely wrong. In the following sections, we’ll explore why using this household item for washing your dog’s coat is never wise and suggest some other options well worth considering.

Not even in emergencies

While you might find articles online stating baby shampoo can be an acceptable alternative to designed-for-dog options when you’re in an emergency, we highly recommend you don’t use it. Despite being specially formulated for brand-new skin and often made free from many chemicals, shampoo for babies is not suited for use on your four-legged friend.

Dogs possess an acid mantle and PH balance far more alkaline than ours, which makes human shampoos too acidic to maintain the right PH balance necessary for your dog’s skin to stay healthy. While baby shampoo might make your dog’s coat clean and shiny on the surface, it will cause harm to the skin below. The baby shampoo effectively removes the protective oils, drying out your dog’s skin and making him itchy and uncomfortable, leading to more serious conditions if left unchecked.

Dedicated dog shampoo

A wide variety of shampoos designed specifically for dogs and puppies is easily available to buy. These options ensure that both your dog’s coat and the skin beneath stay healthy and in perfect condition. For a solution that is considerate to your dog’s skin, herbal dog shampoo can be ideal. Entirely non-toxic and using only natural ingredients, this bespoke range from the Herbal Dog Company offers both wet and incredibly convenient dry shampoos you can choose from, ensuring your dog can get clean quick.

To sum up, never us baby shampoo, even in a pinch. It’s always safer to stock up on products designed for dogs to keep them happy and healthy when bath time rolls around.


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