Can you use normal shampoo on dogs?

Using normal shampoo that you have at home to clean your dog might look like it gets the right results at first. Soft and glossy after cleaning, their coat will smell better too, but beneath this superficial exterior, your dog’s skin will be suffering. Read on to understand why normal shampoo won’t work for your dog and discuss some alternative options for bath day.

Examining PH balance

Human skin has an acidic film and a PH balance that is far less alkaline than that of dogs. Everyday shampoos you buy in the store have been carefully formulated to cope with the needs of human hair and skin, but dogs have different requirements. Unlike us, their acidic film and PH balance leans towards the more alkaline, so a normal human shampoo will be too acidic to regulate your dog’s skin PH balance.

Harmful effects of normal shampoo

When a normal shampoo is used on your canine pal, their skin will become damaged, with all its essential oils being stripped out, leaving it dry and irritated. Additionally, everyday shampoos commonly use stringent citrus oils for scent, ingredients harmful to both the ears and eyes of dogs. Constant itching will lead to excessive scratching, causing welts on your dog’s skin that, if untreated, can become infected, leading to further health problems.

The advantages of using a herbal dog shampoo

Specially formulated dog shampoos have been cleverly crafted to provide a far healthier alternative to made-for-human solutions. Offered in a wide range of scents from apple and vanilla to lime and coconut, these sweet-smelling shampoos are also designed to keep both your dog’s skin and coat in tip-top condition. Where safety is concerned, herbal options are ideal for shampooing your pooch, containing only non-toxic ingredients selected to preserve the protective oils and PH balance of your dog’s skin.

At the Herbal Dog Company, we have a dedicated selection of natural dog shampoos lovingly handmade to care for your canine friends whether they are full-grown or still puppies chasing their tails. Browse our range today, or get in touch for expert advice.


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