Help For Dog Allergies

Want to find natural solutions to help your dog with their allergies?

Just like us, dogs can suffer from a range of allergies that come with a whole host of unpleasant symptoms. There can be a number of things that a dog may be allergic to, such as a certain food or seasonal allergies. The most common signs of a dog suffering from an allergy include everything from itchiness and hives, to vomiting, sneezing, and swelling.

It’s not only difficult for them, but it can be hard as their owner to know what the best course of action is. Whilst you may have tried various treatments and had endless trips to the vets, perhaps the answer could be in our herbal dog treatments?

At Herbal Dog Co Ltd we are passionate about giving dogs the very best treatments, all of which are natural and free from any unwanted chemicals that can do more harm than good.

Our range of dog allergy products include:

  • Herbal Dog Co Seasonal Soother All Natural Allergy Elixir Dog Supplement
  • Herbal Dog Co All Natural Inner Ear Tonic For Itchy Ears, Smelly Ears And Waxy Ears
  • Herbal Dog Co Seasonal Soother All Natural Allergy Support Powder Supplement
  • Herbal Dog Co All Natural Immune Support Dog Supplement

To shop our full range of dog supplements, take a look around our website today.


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