Yeast infection in dogs

How to treat yeast infection in dogs

Just like humans, dogs can develop yeast infections that can cause them discomfort and make them feel miserable. Common signs of discomfort from a potential yeast infection that your dog may display can include obsessively licking paws, dragging their bums across the ground, or constantly shaking their heads. Yeast infections are not contagious and can be easily treated, but if treatment is not administered in the early stages, the infection can get worse. If you’re worried that your furry friend has developed a yeast infection, here are some tips about how to treat it.

Using anti-fungal pills

Before deciding on a treatment for your dog’s yeast infection, you should always consult a vet who can thoroughly check your dog over and decide the best treatment option. A buildup of yeast can be classified as a fungal infection.

Antifungal pills can be used to alleviate your dog from its yeast infection. The pills can be given to your dog as a chewable gummy or it can be given with food. The most common antifungal medication for dogs is Fluconazole.

Fluconazole must be prescribed by a vet. The medication works well to battle the yeast infection but can cause some side effects for your dog, including vomiting, loss of appetite, fatigue and rashes. The dosage that should be given to your dog will depend on their condition and their weight.

Topical treatments and herbal blends

Topical treatments include specialised shampoos, conditioners, tonics and herbal remedies. Topical treatments are often easier to administer to your dog and are made from natural ingredients so are completely harmless to use.

The most common type of yeast infection in dogs is an ear yeast infection. Treatments and herbal remedies are designed to be directly applied to the ear area, or any area that your dog may have a build-up of yeast. Natural supplements and treatments will keep your dog happy and healthy whilst they recover from their yeast infection and have fewer side effects than antifungal medication.

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