What causes yeast infections in dogs?

Yeast is a natural organism that lives in your dog’s gut and on their skin. Normally, it can live there perfectly harmlessly. However, sometimes something goes wrong and these yeast populations can get out of control. At this stage, your dog can start to experience some unpleasant symptoms that could indicate a yeast infection, such as dry, itchy skin and hair loss.

What causes a yeast imbalance on the skin?

There are several factors that can increase the risk of yeast infections on your dog’s skin. Yeast infections are more likely to happen in hot, humid weather, as these conditions allow the yeast to grow more quickly. If something is irritating your dog’s skin, such as their bedding, then this can also lead to a yeast infection. Similarly, some dogs will simply be more prone to yeast infections because of underlying conditions like atopic dermatitis.

Which types of dog are more likely to get a yeast infection?

Yeast infections are more common in some breeds of dog than others. Any dog with skin folds (such as a Shih Tzu) can be very prone to yeast infections. The same is true for dog breeds with long floppy ears, like basset hounds, spaniels, labrador retrievers and poodles. You can help protect dogs from this risk by keeping their skin (particularly the sensitive skin around their ears) clean with a natural dog shampoo.

You can also help keep on top of your dog’s ear hygiene at home using the Herbal Dog Company Itchy Ear Tonic, which is packed full of ingredients with natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Dog yeast treatments

It’s also the case that any dog with a weakened immune system can be more prone to yeast infections. If your dog has developed a bacterial infection, they may be more susceptible to a secondary yeast infection and certain steroidal treatments they might be receiving can reduce their ability to fight off yeast infections in dogs.

A range of dog yeast products is available at Herbal Dog Company which can be administered orally to support your dog’s natural health and maintain a good balance in their system. Combined with regular cleaning using gentle shampoos that help keep their skin clean and oil-free, you can help keep your pet happy and well protected. Shop our range today.


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