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What helps for dog allergies

As the summer approaches, many people are concerned about their own allergies – however, how many of us think about our dogs? Just like humans, dogs can be born with or develop allergies to any number of irritants.

If you notice your dog seems a little under the weather or appears to be behaving oddly, then an allergy could be the culprit. But what are some of the main symptoms of allergies, and how can you help your dog?

Symptoms of allergies

Dog allergies can display in several different ways. For example, you may notice your dog chewing their coat or scratching more than usual. They might also have symptoms of an upset stomach or even be sneezing or rubbing their eyes.

In some cases, a dog’s breathing might even sound laboured, or they may seem more lethargic than usual. These are all signs that something could be up!

Common allergies

Many dogs are allergic to certain forms of protein in their food, and this can manifest either in stomach issues, skin problems, or both. Much like humans, dogs can also suffer from seasonal allergies to irritants and pollutants in the air. They could even be allergic to the shampoo you have been washing them with.

Pinpointing your dog’s allergies might not be easy, but try to draw correlations between the time of year or what they have eaten/been exposed to and their symptoms.

How you can help

There are several ways you can help your dog with their allergies, but the solution really does depend on the cause. For example, if they are experiencing digestive distress, try switching to hypoallergenic, wheat-free food. However, you should always introduce new foods slowly, making sure that their stomach has a chance to get used to this over several days.

If your dog is showing signs of itchy skin, try changing their shampoo to a natural formula that is light on the chemicals while still keeping them clean. Make sure to read the label!

However, if your pup is not feeling better with these adjustments, make sure you check in with their vet. They may need some antihistamines to help them feel great again.

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